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Solid Earth Africa
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Solid Earth Africa works to strengthen the individual household by introducing sustainable adobe mud-blocks as the preferred material for building new houses. An adobe house includes a wood saving stove and chimney. It can be built to look like a traditional chika house which, like an adobe house, is also plastered with a mixture of chika.

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Why, How and Who

Why Adobe

Solid Earth Africa’s mission is to reduce deforestation by building houses that use ⅓ as much wood as traditional houses, cost 30% less and last 2-5 times as long.
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How we do it

SEA work to link government, market and civil society competencies in order to make the transition from wood intesive chika homes to more affordable and sustainable adobe housing happen.
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Who we are

SEA is a knowledge-based organization that focus on local resources and organizations with a participatory approach to implement a new housing technology and tradition.
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Our Stories

Brigt Øystese

President of SEA

"I wanted to do a job that feels meaningful and that makes a difference in my own life and others life. I lived in Ethiopia with my family for five years and saw that my background as a builder gave me ideas about more economical and resilient building techniques. To be involved in meaningful work gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction and glimpses of happiness."

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