What Is Our Mission

The Ethiopian government’s “Growth and Transformation Plan” and “Climate Resilient Green Economy” strategy are aimed at helping Ethiopia become a middle-income country in Africa by 2025. Not surprisingly, Ethiopia has also committed itself to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The vast majority of Ethiopia’s population lives in rural areas, outside larger cities and towns. What Ethiopia needs is more drivers in the rural setting that can help drive economic growth within an environmentally-friendly framework. SEA believes that adobe houses in rural areas can become a powerful driver for homeowner-based development. Adobe could be an effective weapon in the fight against poverty and environmental degradation. A house that is environmentally friendly, cheaper, healthier and lasts longer will give growth and transformation.  Combined with wood-saving cook stoves, solar-based lighting, better sanitation, water catchment and waste management, adobe houses could speed up Ethiopia’s national and international commitments to sustainable development.

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