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Challiya Building Trades School – Solid Earth Africa
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Challiya Building Trades School


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Building Trade School – Challia (Building Trade School) is located just outside a small village named Challia about 500km west of Addis Abeba. BTS is a school providing education and handicraft training in different fields like wood work, metal work, mud block technology and pottery. The training is provided free of charge for people from the lowest income groups. One month’s training is given in all fields but also a longer education lasting for one year is available.

The activities on BTS are financially supported partly by the selling of goods produced in the workshops such as furniture, tools and bricks, but partly also by funds from the parent organization the German Hermannsburg Mission. The school is well established, it has been running for over 40 years and it has provided the local village with among many other things several job opportunities like teachers and managers for the educational activities as well as full time jobs in the workshops. The mud block project at BTS started around 20 years ago and it has resulted in the spread and usage of the technology in the surroundings.