The Ambo Area Green Development Program


This unique network within Ethiopia came together following SEA’s first visit to Ethiopia in 2013. It is made up of approximately 10 active members—both men and women—who represent a wide cross-section of groups and organizations within civil society in one of Ethiopia’s largest cities. These include Ambo University, the Municipality of Ambo, two child sponsorship NGO’s, the Mekane Yesus Lutheran Church, and the local farmers’ association. With the support of local government, the AAGDP has received a plot of land on which a regional adobe training center is currently being developed.

This promising network is building up their technical, organizational and community development capacity. A local AAGDP coordinator, Yohannes Tasisa, has been hired as the first local SEA-partner coordinator for a wood-saving households network in Ethiopia. With expert technical training and support from Jote Asfaw and Bijiga, two adobe experts from another one of SEA Norway’s four major partners, the Challia Building Trades School (CBTS), the AAGDP has completed a small model house on the site of its’ future adobe training center at Senkelle Farris, between Ambo and Guder. This simple building turned out to be a good example of a house that “anyone” can build. The next two model/test houses planned will be more complex and demonstrate a good design which can also be used in Ambo City.

During the past year, the AAGDP—with sponsorship from SEA Norway—planned and implemented two adobe training camps for selected individuals from the Ambo area. These travelled to the Challia Building Trades School where they were trained in the adobe building technique, and received the best theoretical and practical training we have been able to find in Ethiopia.